Monday, 12 November 2012

The Booker Award

Hello, I have been selected by my friend and fellow writer Katie Oliver to participate in The Booker Award. Thank you Katie :D I've to choose 5 favourite books of mine. Now, I did do a Desert Island Books blogpost over at Resolution Corner a while back where I named 10 favourite books so I feel it'd be cheating to just nick them from there, so I'll do 5 different ones. I hope that's okay.

1. The Ring Trilogy (Ring, Spiral and Loop) by Koji Suzuki

I used to love horror stories/films when I was younger. Now, not so much. I can't remember the last time I watched a scary film and the last horror story I read was one of my own abominations. I read this trilogy (in order, would you believe, that usually doesn't happen to me) and I loved how original they were, how a virus could kill people through a video tape. It sounds ridiculous but it works. The film adaptations, I've seen both American and Japanese (though not the Korean) and they seem to have changed the plot somehow so it doesn't work as good. It's worth reading these if you like a good horror story but don't want to put with the gore. 

2. The Walking Man Trilogy (Ritual, Skin and Gone) by Mo Hayder

I love Mo Hayder. I once wrote to her asking for a signed book plate and she sent me one, even writing a little message on the envelope I got back. I'm not a huge fan of crime novels. I read my first one back in 2007 and after realising that they were all pretty much the same I got a bit bored with them. Except for Mo Hayder's. I will read anything that woman writes. I don't usually get emotionally attached to characters but I did with this trilogy (I've heard she's writing a 4th one even though technically 'Gone' is the 5th in the series so maybe that should be she's writing a 6th one). Full of nitty gritty and weirdness, murders and personal issues. Her other book 'Pig Island' is even weirder. 

3. Whip It - Shauna Cross

This book made me want to buy a pair of roller skates and elbow someone in the face. Brilliant novel made into a brilliant film by Drew Barrymore. Bliss Cavendar is the main protagonist that doesn't want to go along with her mother's pageant plans and instead sneaks behind her back to join a Roller Derby team. Mix a great bit of clich├ęd insubordination with a cool sport and you've got a high octane punky novel. I did actually contemplate signing up for our local Hull's Angels Roller Derby team after reading this book but there's a waiting list and I like my nose just the way it is, thanks. 

4. The Island of Doctor Moreau - H G Wells. 

Two words: The Sloth. 

5. The Divine Comedy - Dante Alighieri 

I haven't actually read all of this but I'm fascinated by Dante's depiction of Hell and it's 9 circles. I have a habit of flicking through it and reading parts of the version I have with Gustave Dore illustrations accompanying it. I also love the Botticelli paintings of it too. I've been lucky enough to have seen a Dante statue in Verona, Italy and would some day like to see the rest in Florence, his home town. I have an interest in Renaissance artists and writers. 

Thank you Katie. I hope that's okay.

I'd like to pass this challenge onto Ian Little  go on, I dare ya :D