Pixel Paintings

Canvas board sizes (in inches) -

10 x 8
12 x 10
14 x 10
16 x 12
18 x 14
20 x 16

I can do canvases but I prefer to use canvas board as canvases tend to be wobbly in the middle (Hard to draw on).

Colours -

Burnt Sienna
Deep Turquoise
Prussian Blue Hue

Yellow, Orange, Red and Green don't work, they're really weak colours and you can still see the pencil lines underneath. I once did an Heath Ledger in green...ugh...I think I burnt it.

Photo used is best if it has a light background (preferably white).

I usually do them in 5-10 gradient (any more and I'm going cross-eyed and the colours are hard to distinguish from each other).

Robert Pattinson - Ultramarine - 22 x 18 canvas board - 9 colour gradient.

Gary Barlow - Burnt Sienna - 10 x 12 canvas board - 8 colour gradient.

Heath Ledger Joker - Violet (and black) - 22 x 18 canvas board - 6 colour gradient.

This Tegan and Sara one was supposed to be 9 colours but someone saw it and liked it just as two and bought it like this.

Please email me at leighcupid@gmail.com for commissions :D

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